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Dr. Nancy Bepple


Dr. Nancy Bepple of CareerFirsts brings over 20 years experience working as a career practitioner as well as 15 years working at top engineering and technology companies.

As a Co-op Coordinator at Thompson Rivers University for 20+ years, she successfully supported 1000’s of people obtain work in the government, private sector and non-profit sectors. She consistently had the highest placement rates of Co-op students with employers in the government, private and non-profit sectors. She has contacts with organizations across BC, Canada and globally.

Prior to her work at TRU, Nancy worked for 15 years for top engineering and technology companies (MacDonald Dettwiler and USNR/Newnes) as a software engineer, quality assurance, project manager and product manager. She gained frontline expertise of what is needed by hiring managers.

Nancy holds a bachelor’s of science (computing science/math) (UVIC), a master’s of science (atmospheric science) (UBC), and a doctorate in education (leadership & policy) (UBC).

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