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Valerie Lim

GCC Singapore

Valerie has been involved and excelled in numerous industries in her career, focusing on relationship management and business development. Throughout her working career, she has had the opportunity to work with several willing mentors and is now looking to provide the same opportunities that she had to others.

Valerie is always on the lookout for new ways to broaden her horizon and also share the things that she has learnt over the past decade with others. In the meantime, Valerie has been experimenting with ways to expand her network and connections while pursuing her interest in sports. Valerie is certified in Employment Intermediaries (Key Appointment Holder) with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) since 2021.

She enjoys exercising and is looking to complete a full biking trip around Singapore, and explore other regions in the world where she can look for new opportunities to enrich herself.

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