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GCC Connections: A Newsletter About Employability (May 2024)

The Global Career Center distributes a periodic newsletter titled Connections. Text from the May 2024 edition follows and please reach out via to receive a copy directly.


Welcome back to the Global Career Center’s periodic newsletter. We are excited to launch a refreshed format, focused on two questions at the center of our work connecting education and employability.

What? Where?

Whether coaching a student throughout their personalized placement process or developing new customized programs with a university partner or reviewing an internship supervisor’s bespoke project description, context matters.

Where? What?

These two questions provide the foundation for successful applied learning and impactful workforce development. The questions may seem straight forward, but within each are layers related to industry trends and career pathways as well as local culture and individual connections.

Our team encourages learners to approach opportunities holistically while balancing vocation (what) and location (where).

Read on to learn more and return to this newsletter for future discussion of and highlights from location and vocation.

All the Best,

Kate Moore

P.S. I welcome the opportunity to connect directly. Click through to schedule a time here.

VOCATION (the what)

Where “your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.” This description, coined by Frederick Buechner, can shape the way we think about vocation.

Vocation refers to a person’s occupation or profession. It is the work that a person does to earn a living or to fulfill a sense of purpose. Vocation can be a career choice that an individual has trained for or a job that they have fallen into by chance.

Dictionary Definition

  1. A regular occupation, especially one for which a person is particularly suited or qualified.

  2. An inclination or aptness for a certain kind of work: "a vocation for medicine".

How GCC applies 'the what'

Each of the cities we operate in globally has a few unique vocational strengths as well as a strong mix of standard vocations.

Boston, for example, has opportunities in most industries for interns but has particularly strong vocation in Ed Tech and the Biomedical Sciences.

We believe student interns can gain valuable experience by being surrounded and mentored by experts in their field while being exposed to an entire industry ecosystem.

LOCATION (the where)

Location refers to the physical place or position of something. It can be described in terms of geographical coordinates or a specific address. In the context of GCC, location refers to the place where an individual resides or works.

Dictionary Definition

  1. A place or position

How GCC applies 'the where'

GCC researches and identifies global locations based on a city's vocations. In addition to distinctive vocations, GCC identifies global locations based on factors that range from regulatory and safety to student interest and work culture.

Boston, for example, is very student friendly AND attracts top talent to the Ed Tech and Biomedical Sciences industries thus creating a vibrant community for students to learn and network even outside of work.


  • NAFSA 2024. Let's connect virtually during the week of NAFSA. You can schedule a meeting with us using this link.

  • International Internship Conference 2024. We will be attending the International Internship Conference in Dublin Ireland June 18-20. Schedule a meeting with us here.


  • CCID Webinar June 5th 11am-Noon CST

    • Hosted by Community Colleges for International Development. In this webinar GCC will explore developing high impact virtual international internships.

  • Follow GCC on LinkedIn for more upcoming events including our annual Summer Webinar Series for Global Interns

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