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The Future is Now: Employability Trends Worth Discussing

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

The Forum on Education Abroad hosted the Career-Integrated Global Learning Conference in Las Vegas during November 2023.

Global Career Center’s Kate Moore was part of a concurrent session with Nannette Ripmeester of Expertise in Labour Mobility and i-graduate.

Their session description follows:

What are key trends when it comes to employability? Why does employability matter for students? Is employability important for recruitment and retention of students? How can we ensure faculty is connected to the topic of employability? What are most common employability skills? This is not a conference session but a discussion between two experts on skill acquisition, mobility, and employability.

The attached PDF highlights slides – and reading recommendations – that helped guide the discussion and just a few of the questions that arose follow:

  • Are the robots coming for our jobs…and if so, which ones?

  • How are longer lives – and extended careers – impacting employability?

  • Is higher education under attack everywhere?

  • Where can we incorporate lifelong learning and building social capital into our programming?

  • What can we learn from Alan Alda about curiosity and questions?

We look forward to continuing the conversation and do feel free to share your ideas, questions, and book recommendations as well!

CIGL 2023 The Future Is Now Presentation
Download PDF • 7.66MB


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