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Welcome to the Global Career Center (GCC) dedicated Carleton University web page.  You will find the information you need about the various internship program options and will be able to apply and submit your program fees via the buttons below.

Internship Process

For Fall 2021 ALL Internships will be completed virtually.

You will apply via the Carleton application process.  Applications are being accepted now through 28 July 2021. 


Once you are approved by Carleton please apply to the program using the button below.

After receiving your application, GCC will send you a welcome email. The welcome email will also include a prompt to schedule a pre-placement meeting.  That meeting must be completed within two weeks of application.

The pre-placement meeting is an opportunity for GCC to learn more about your background and career or academic goals as well as provide context for internship opportunities in the location(s) for which your application is under consideration.

Our placement process is highly personalized to you.  We conduct employer outreach on your behalf based on the information you provide us in your resume and pre-placement meeting.


We do not pre-source placements.

After this meeting, a deposit will be required to move forward with the program. (*see internship cost)

And don't worry, our placement team will walk you through everything you need to know!

Internship Dates

All Internships will begin on Monday 13 September 2021

1-2 weeks prior to beginning your internship you will participate in an online orientation session usually lasting less than one hour.  GCC will send a meeting invitation with the exact date and time or the orientation.

Your internships will end on a Friday either 6, 8, or 12 weeks from the September 13 start date based on the duration you choose.

Internship Cost

Program fee is $1,100 USD

A deposit of $250 USD is required at the time of application and will be applied to the total program fee.

The $250 is refundable up to 7 days after the pre-placement meeting.

The remainder of the program fee will be due 31 August or 15 days prior to the date you start your internship.

Melbourne Cityscape
San Francisco Skyline

Internship Locations

GCC can place both graduate and undergraduate level students in most fields of study and areas of interest.  Placements will be commensurate with academic levels, skills, and experience.  Certain locations have more opportunities in certain industries.  Our placement director will guide you through this choice and make recommendations based on your interests.  Our network is over 40 cities globally and a few highlights are listed below.  When you apply tells us your top 3 locations.

Africa:  Cape Town

Asia:  Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mumbai (India)

Australia:  Sydney, Melbourne

Europe:  London, Prague

United States:  Boston, Detroit (Midwest), San Francisco, Los Angeles

Application Process

Clicking the "apply" button will open up a form we call the pre-placement questionnaire.  Please take 10-15 minutes to fill out and submit this form, including an upload of your resume/CV (we do not need a cover letter).

Once we receive the form we will review your information and reach out to you via the email address you provided to schedule a 30 minute pre-placement meeting (google meets).  

Filling out the form and participating in the meeting does not mean you are committing to the program.  You will decide if you want to continue with the placement process after the meeting.

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