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Academic Partnerships include team projects, internship placements, customized programs, employability services, and more.

Here are a few examples of how Global Career Center partners with universities.

  • Incorporate high-impact team projects into studies. GCC will source and support consulting projects from our global network of employers with dedicated mentors to help students navigate online and across cultures.

  • Expand reach for internship placements and customized programs. GCC will develop and deliver your bespoke programs highlighting placement or professional development across the globe, down the street or via technology.

  • Embed employability services within the student experience. GCC will work with your management team to enhance existing programming and incorporate specialized services based on industry area or student population. 

Reach out to GCC Academic Partnerships and discuss immediate program needs or strategic planning based on the unique opportunities for your university or college.


Workforce Solutions include team projects, internship placements, supervisor training, and more.

Here are a few examples of how Global Career Center partners with employers.

  • Identify an idea or question. GCC will help define the scope of a project and connect you with a supervised team of students to provide deliverables based on your feedback.  

  • Expand your team. GCC will work with you to describe opportunities for internships and match relevant candidates vetted by and supported through comprehensive programming.

  • Build your workforce. GCC will collaborate with your management team to develop and support all aspects of an in-house internship program including cross-cultural training or visa guidance for supervisors.

Reach out to GCC Workforce Solutions and discuss short term projects or long-term workforce development based on the unique needs of your company or organization.

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Employability Services includes a range of professional development activities related to exploration, application and verification.

Here are a few examples of how Global Career Center partners with learners.

  • Explore your employability options. GCC will lead you in career discovery activities, discuss your job search, provide visa guidance, or curate a list of resources and recommended employers.

  • Enhance your application process. GCC will revise your resume, walk through tips to improve your LinkedIn and social media profile, or review cover letters and follow up correspondence.

  • Verify your experience. GCC will review experiences or suggest activities to verify employability credentials within the framework of our Global Skills Passport.

Reach out to GCC Employability Services and discuss current job search or lifelong learning strategy based on your unique set of experiences and aspirations.


Community Resources include recommended reading, tools or templates, and an invitation for dialogue.

Here are a few examples of how Global Career Center partners with our community of educators, employers, and learners.

  • What are we reading and returning to? Recommended books, articles, podcasts, and films.

  • How do we approach our work? Links to templates, tools, tips, and techniques.

  • Where can we connect? Upcoming events, current publications, and past presentations.

Reach out to GCC Community Resources with your unique recommendations as we keep the conversation going.

Startup Room

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