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Welcome to the Global Career Center (GCC) dedicated Drexel University web page.  You will find the information you need about the international co-op program options and will be able to submit your program fees via the button below.

International Co-op Program Process

For Spring/Summer 2021 all international co-op placements will be completed virtually.

You will apply via the Drexel University portal.  Applications were closed in January 2021 and reviewed by the GCC team based on past experience and current feedback.  Drexel University has communicated if your application was selected to move forward in the process, also indicating for which location(s) your application is under active consideration.

GCC will send you a welcome email asking you to fill out a pre-placement questionnaire, including resume upload.  The welcome email will also include a prompt to schedule a pre-placement meeting.  That meeting must be completed by end of day Tuesday 16 February 2021.

The pre-placement meeting is an opportunity for GCC to learn more about your background and career or academic goals as well as provide context for international co-op opportunities in the location(s) for which your application is under consideration.

After this meeting, your university will provide an update on the status of your application, including if offer of placement in a specific city.  Confirmation of acceptance with university is necessary to move forward in the process and placement.  After the university shares your confirmation with GCC, the placement process moves forward to match you with a company for your international co-op placement.

Our placement process is highly personalized to you.  We conduct employer outreach on your behalf based on the information you provide us.  We do not pre-source placements.

International Co-op Program Dates

Spring/Summer placements take place between 29 March and 17 September 2021.

These placements are a minimum of 3-months and a maximum of 6-months.

Students will work in placements and on projects that are equivalent to full-time professional work.  The hours vary by location and employer, with a mix of synchronous ("live") meetings and asynchronous (independent) work.

Prior to and during your international co-op, GCC will provide professional development workshops or materials covering topics ranging from how to navigate the remote workplace to networking online to interviewing via video.  These workshops are augmented by virtual cultural activities related to the location in which your international co-op takes place.  In addition, you will have the opportunity for individual coaching from GCC throughout and beyond your placement.

International Co-op Program Costs

Program fee is $1,000 USD

A deposit of $250 USD will be invoiced approximately 1 March 2021 and will be applied to the total program fee. 


The deposit is not refundable if you withdraw more than 7 calendar days after submitting your program confirmation to the University.

The remainder of the program fee will be due 14 days prior to the date you start your co-op placement.




International Co-op Program Locations

GCC can place students in most fields of study and areas of interest.  Placements will be commensurate with academic levels, skills, and experience. Certain locations have more opportunities in certain industries.  Guidance on opportunities for individual students has been provided based on past experience and current feedback during the application phase and early in the placement process.  

For Spring/Summer 2021 the following locations are on offer through Drexel University:


London, UK   


Vancouver, Canada