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GCC Bookshop: Internships, Service Learning, and Research Abroad

We are thrilled to share a preview of the NAFSA book Internships, Service Learning, and Research Abroad written by Global Career Center Co-Founder Kate Moore.

Summary from the back cover follows:

Internships, service learning, and research abroad are high-impact practices that combined the best aspects of traditional education abroad with professional, hands-on experiences that will benefit students throughout their careers. Expert Kate Moore presents a primer on internships, service learning, and research abroad perfect for international educators interested in developing or expanding their institution’s offerings in these areas. Easily accessible and filled with activities to get readers started, this book is ideal for readers are all levels of familiarity with internships, service learning, and research abroad.

Table of Contents is below:

· Introduction: Applied Learning Abroad

· Chapter One: Definitions and Models

· Chapter Two: Institutional Context

· Chapter Three: Sourcing, Vetting, and Sustaining

· Chapter Four: Academic Foundations

· Chapter Five: Ethical, Legal, Health, and Safety Considerations

· Chapter Six: Funding and Finances

· Chapter Seven: Student Support Before, During, and After

· Chapter Eight: Digital Applied Learning Abroad

· Conclusion: Bringing It Together and Moving Forward

· Appendix One: Activities

· Appendix Two: Resources and Recommendations

· Appendix Three: Glossary of Terms

The book will be available at the NAFSA 2022 Annual Conference & Expo in Denver this May.

Will you be at NAFSA in Denver this May? We would love to catch up! Click through and schedule a meeting with the GCC team here.


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