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Partnership and Program Spotlight: BU MET Business of Biotech & Biomed Program

The GCC Blog highlights partnerships and programs to serve as inspiration for your campus and community.

This entry introduces the Business of Biotechnology & Biomedical Engineering Program developed and delivered in collaboration with Boston University MET International. The program was designed by Universidad CEU San Pablo and BU MET through an initiative in Europe to provide high-quality global training with international recognition.

During the program, students complete five months of study and three months of internship.

Coursework includes Business of Biotechnology; Financial Concepts; Project Management; Ecommerce; International Business, Economics and Cultures; The Innovation Process; and Developing New Products and Services.

Internships provide students with exposure to the Boston and New England life sciences sector, opportunity to gain professional experience and employability skills, as well as a greater understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and US workplace.

Examples of internship responsibilities and roles follow:

· Analysis of VC and other funding opportunities relevant to the field

· Collaboration with R&D team to identify and test sustainable materials

· Development of comprehensive market scan with competitor analysis

· Exploration of entry into new markets, including Europe and Latin America

· Optimization of business development strategies

· Summation of the regulatory processes in potential new markets

Interns are contributing to the work of host organizations across a range of areas including Alzheimer’s disease, antibody discovery, dermatology, early diagnostics, medicine delivery, neonatal care, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Watch this space to read more from students and host organizations in this program and others. We look forward to sharing updates and welcome conversation.


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