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Welcome to the Global Career Center (GCC) dedicated University of Toledo College of Engineering web page.  You will find the information you need about the international

co-op program options and will be able to submit your program fees via the button below.

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International Co-op Program Locations

For Spring / Summer 2024 the following locations are offered through The University of Toledo College of Engineering:

Berlin, Germany

Toronto and Vancouver, Canada

Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

Bangalore, India

International Co-op Program Process

For Spring / Summer 2024 all international co-op placements will be completed onsite however students should expect a mix of in person and online work based on the host organization.

You will apply through the University of Toledo and must be accepted to participate in the program by the College of Engineering.  

GCC will send you a welcome email asking you to fill out a pre-placement questionnaire, including resume upload.  The welcome email will also include a prompt to schedule a

pre-placement meeting.  

The pre-placement meeting is an opportunity for GCC to learn more about your background and career or academic goals as well as provide context for international co-op opportunities in the locations that the College of Engineering is offering.

After this meeting, you will reconfirm your committment to participate in the program and choose the location you are most interested in for your co-op. GCC will then begin the placement process.

Our placement process is highly personalized to you.  We conduct employer outreach on your behalf based on the information you provide us.  We do not pre-source placements.

International Co-op Program Dates

Spring placements begin with arrival on Sunday January 14 and co-op beginning on January 15. Co-op ends April 6

Summer placements begin with arrival on Sunday May 12 and co-op beginning on May 13. Co-op ends August 3.

Students will work in placements and on projects that are equivalent to professional work.  The hours vary by location and employer, with a mix of synchronous ("live") meetings and asynchronous (independent) work.  Anticipate about 40 hours a week on average for your co-op.

Prior to and during your international co-op, GCC will provide professional development workshops or materials covering topics ranging from how to navigate the remote workplace to networking online to interviewing via video.  These workshops are augmented by virtual cultural activities related to the location in which your international co-op takes place.  In addition, you will have the opportunity for individual coaching from GCC throughout and beyond your placement.


International Co-op Program Costs

Programs are 12 weeks in length. Some employers may ask for different start dates or different lengths (weeks) of co-op. GCC will work with each student on an individual basis to fine tune their exact program. 


The program fee also includes visa support fee and housing. The program fee and visa fee do not change. The only cost that could change is housing based on the number of weeks an employer expects the student to co-op.  

Bangalore India

Program & Visa $1,950 USD

Housing (12wks) $4,800 USD


Program & Visa $2,100 USD

Housing (12wks) $5,000 USD


Program & Visa $2,500 USD

Housing (12wks) $5,400 USD


Program & Visa $2,500 USD

Housing (12wks) $5,700 USD


Program & Visa $2,150 USD

Housing (12wks) $6,000 USD

Interested student should plan to budget for unpaid placements. Likelihood of compensation varies with local governments, industry norms, company policy and student experience.

The program fee does not include transportation to and from the city, transportation in the city, meals, and personal expenses.


If you have any questions regarding cost or payment, please contact;


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