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Career-Integrated Global Learning: What, Why and How?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

The Forum on Education Abroad held its Annual Conference in Seattle during March 2023. As part of a lunchtime conversation, GCC’s Kate Moore presented with Robin Deering from IES and Kimberly Harn with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This interactive session asked the following questions: What are the range of examples within global learning? Why incorporate CIGL into an international education portfolio? How might best practices and emerging research reflect the opportunities and challenges within an evolving world of work?

The attached PDF provides slides from the presentation and a few highlights follow.

What is CIGL?

In advance of the inaugural Career-Integrated Global Learning (CIGL) Conference, The Forum on Education Abroad crafted the following definition:

“…education abroad programs or program components that emphasize or incorporate professional exploration related to a student’s future career path. In addition to internships and related terms, such as cooperative education (co-op) and work integrated learning (WIL), career-integrated global learning can also include industry-based projects, case studies, entrepreneurship initiatives, job shadowing, micro-internships, competency-based modules, and workplace simulations.” (Forum, 2022)

This terminology was intended to be expansive and inclusive, with perspectives from around the globe and throughout campuses. It is a definition that will evolve. Attendees shared additional examples including from law schools and clinical rotations and design practicums.

Why incorporate CIGL?

In addition to perspectives from employers and alumni within the slide deck, session attendees provided their thoughts about the benefits of Career-Integrated Global Learning. These are captured in the word cloud pictured here.

How to incorporate CIGL?

Lively small group discussions tackled challenges, opportunities, and questions related to Career-Integrated Global Learning. Some of the topics that came up follow:

  • Building global opportunities into (busy!) academic and professional plans

  • Developing strategies for employer and host organization engagement

  • Finding funding

  • Recruiting students

  • Sharing community college perspectives

  • Incorporating public health and health care opportunities

  • Defining outcomes based on in-demand skills

  • Utilizing standards and industry norms

  • Exploring micro internships and project based learning

  • Rethinking deficit models to emphasize the value students bring to projects

  • Helping employers understand the student of today (and tomorrow…)

  • Creating a range of opportunities for the full range of students

The session concluded with resource sharing and an invitation to continue the conversation, highlighting the 2023 Career-Integrated Global Learning Conference scheduled November 8-10 in Las Vegas.

Please do keep the conversation going by sharing your thoughts on the “what, why and how” of Career-Integrated Global Learning!

Forum CIGL Slides_MooreDeeringHarn
Download PDF • 4.47MB


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