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CCID Webinar: How to Develop High-Impact Virtual International Internships

Building upon sessions during its Annual Conference, Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) hosted a webinar series during 2024. Global Career Center's Chris McKenzie and Kate Moore presented "How to Develop High-Impact Virtual International Internships" and the session description follows:

Join us to learn about the growing landscape of student internships abroad and how to develop high-impact virtual international internships. Discover how education meets employability to strengthen workforce development for your students.

Topics discussed included potential benefits and challenges, incorporation within a portfolio from various perspectives, and top tips for developing virtual international internships. A program alumni from San Mateo County Community College District shared their experience with a Virtual Global Teams Internship.

The attached PDF includes the full presentation and a recording is available via CCID link here. Listen to the end for an opportunity to request your own copy of the "Digital Applied Learning Abroad" chapter referenced in the webinar.

CCID High Impact Virtual International Internships
Download PDF • 5.70MB


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