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Low Time, High Impact: Short Embedded Project Based Learning Experiences

Updated: Feb 28

Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) hosted their 48th Annual Conference in Hilton Head South Carolina during February 2024.

The conference theme was "Celebrating Global Education" and Global Career Center's Chris McKenzie presented within the online education track.

The presentation description is as follows:

Discussion will revolve around three different program models that have been used with community colleges and universities to provide students with international work experiences that fulfill co-op/internship requirements, and provide valuable employability skills. Participants in the session will understand how to embed short project based learning experiences into concurrent coursework or as an extension of coursework.

The academic framework model from the book "International Internships: Mission, Methods and Models" helped guide the conversation.

The attached PDF includes the entire presentation. We look forward to building upon this conversation with an upcoming June webinar hosted by CCID. Follow GCC on LinkedIn or watch this space for an update.

CCID Conference Presentation_Low Time, High Impact
Download PDF • 596KB


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