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Conversation Starter: Are Virtual Internships Here to Stay?

GCC Co-Founder Kate Moore facilitated “A Community Conversation about Virtual Internships” as part of the 2021 NEACEFE Café Series through the New England Association for Cooperative Education and Field Experience.

The framework used to guide the discussion was a simplified SWOT Analysis and notes from a lively conversation with colleagues from within – and beyond – the region are captured in the attached document.

Among the strengths & opportunities the group identified for virtual internships?

· Accessibility,

· Flexibility,

· Greater geographic reach, l

· Lower environmental impact

· The ability for students to gain problem solving skills in a unique environment.

Among the weaknesses & threats the group identified for virtual internships?

· Defining (or redefining) an internship,

· Managing ambiguity through intentionality and structure,

· Being responsive to learning differentiated students,

· Incorporating virtual internships into a portfolio alongside in person internships and other types of experiential education.

The group was largely in agreement that virtual internships are here to stay and as an invitation to continue the conversation offered a few top tips in addition to sharing more than a dozen resources that are included in the attached document (at bottom of this page).

Ideas or implications you would like to add? Interest in discussing how online global internships might fit into your portfolio? Reach out via email at

NEACEFE Cafe Virtual Internships Document
Download PDF • 20.33MB


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