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Conversation Starter: One Word to Describe International Internships

Updated: Jan 31

During the 2023 International Internship Conference in Indianapolis, Kate Moore facilitated the Pre-Conference Workshop titled Best Practices for Building, Maintaining, and Sustaining a Meaningful International Internship Program.

This blog is the first in a series sharing some questions – and answers – from that workshop.

Participants were asked…what is one word to describe international internships?

Answers from the engaged, experienced, and enthusiastic cohort follow.

· Immersive

· Intriguing

· Life-Changing

· Diverse

· Expensive

· Transformative

· Eye-opening

· Impactful

· A Must

· World-Expanding

· Complex

· Underutilized

· Transformational

· Thought-provoking

· Innovative

· Vital

· New perspectives

· Mind-opening

· Revolutionary

· “Real”

What is your one word? How do these terms apply to your work?

Look forward to continuing the conversation!

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