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Partnership and Program Spotlight: San Mateo County Community College District

Editor’s Note: This is part I of a two-part series highlighting the SMCCD program.

The GCC Blog highlights partnerships and programs to serve as inspiration for your campus and community. We are thrilled to introduce the San Mateo County Community College District Global Virtual Teams Internship Program.

Over the course of a summer or semester, students work in multidisciplinary teams of three or four or five to deliver a consulting project for a global employer. Connecting with colleagues through technology across time zones allows students to demonstrate teamwork and draw upon individual initiative while working towards a shared goal.

The shared goal brings together individuals as part of a team matched to a global employer with a specific project. The matching process balances priorities and preferences related to industry, issue area, project scope, career goals, relevant skills, academic background, and location.

The program and its students balance complementary – and at times competing – elements:

· Asynchronous and Synchronous

· Group and Individual

· Structure and Flexibility

These are hallmarks of the program design and mirror the changing world of work, allowing students to build in-demand skills and gain exposure to global industry or issue areas while supported throughout their professional experience and applied learning.

Watch this space to read more from students and employers. We look forward to sharing updates and welcome conversation about the program.


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