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Partnership and Program Spotlight: UC Berkeley

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Among the information we look forward to sharing in the GCC Blog? Partnerships and programs to serve as inspiration for your campus and community.

We kick off with the latest iteration of a long standing collaboration. The UC Berkeley Global Internships Program launched in 2007 and has expanded and evolved to meet the changing needs of the university and its students while consistently exploring additional opportunities for high quality applied learning (Kullar, Menlove, & Weber, 2018).

Planning for Summer 2021 required further evolution and expansion, with UC Berkeley taking the decision early to deliver programs online. The Global Internships Program is offering its most comprehensive suite of locations yet, allowing an even greater range of students to learn new content, explore different cultures, apply academic theory, and experience the global workplace.

The Global Career Center is thrilled to be partnering with UC Berkeley to offer internship programs in the following locations:

In addition, GCC is very excited to build upon the existing collaboration with European Innovation Academy and UC Berkeley to enhance its Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program with a project-based placement as capstone to this unique, holistic experience.

These programs are all being developed and delivered with an eye towards the future, anticipating that online global programs will remain a valuable addition to the expanded and evolved study abroad and applied learning portfolio.

From cooking in Mumbai to music in Atlanta to art in Santiago, there are a wonderful range of cultural learnings to augment the internship experience. Please do click through on any of the links above to learn more about the programs and get a sense of the professional development opportunities, global cohort building activities, and local community engagement.

UC Berkeley does welcome visiting students and GCC is very happy to discuss recommendations for individuals as well as explore opportunities to create customized programs for your institution.

We look forward to welcoming UC Berkeley Global Internships Program students this summer and continuing to expand and evolve together.

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GIC Book Chapter_Kullar, Menlove & Weber
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