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GCC On the Road: Global Edition

We are dusting off our passports and look forward to connecting in person. This blog post highlights conferences the Global Career Center team will be attending over the next few months. Reach out and let us know if you will be there too!

Takes place 13-16 September in Barcelona

Here is a sneak peek of the poster session titled "The Future in Full Colour: Linking Career Competence Models to International Education"

Are you interested in exploring relevance, responsiveness and returns on investment within international education? Join us in this poster session for a visualisation and discussion of career competence models. Participants will review research and literature related to employability metrics, learn about the first iterations of the GCC Global Career Competence Model and share examples of these types of metrics applied to various forms of international education.

Drop by our poster session on Wednesday 14 September between 14:30 and 16:00 to discuss and click through to schedule a meeting during the conference here.

Takes place 17-21 October in Milan, Italy

One week, two conferences! The inaugural Career-Integrated Global Learning (CIGL) Conference kicks things off exploring the intersection of international education with career development (ranging from virtual team projects to global case studies to industry site visits to international internships – or practicum or co-op or WIL or stage or fieldwork and more!) then participants delve into education abroad within and beyond the region through The Forum’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Conference.

Stop by the GCC Booth and join our team during the following presentations:

  • Employability Education: A Vision for India

  • Intercultural Skills Preparing Students for the New World of Work

Watch this space for highlights from the conferences and other upcoming travel!


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