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GCC Summer 2023 Webinar Series: Skills for your Global Career

The Global Career Center Summer 2023 Webinar Series featured experts sharing best practices and actionable approaches across a range of themes and topics related to professional and personal development.

Topics are curated based on input from student interns, host organization supervisors, university partners, and the GCC community.

Please find below information on the themes and speakers, links to recordings and materials, a key takeaway from each discussion…plus an invitation to share your input for future webinars.

“Research Skills for the Workplace” was delivered by Sarah Morris.

  • Recording here and PowerPoint here.

  • One key takeaway? According to a Project Information Literacy study, employers find that many recent graduates need to further develop their “adaptive research” skills and become more efficient and flexible researchers.

“Thriving, not Surviving at Work: Wellness for the Workplace” was delivered by Gabby Lubin.

  • Recording here and Handouts here.

  • One key takeaway? Develop proactive strategies across the eight dimensions of wellness.

“Cultivating Meaningful Mentor Relationships: Best Practices and Strategies” was delivered by Michele Heyward.

  • Recording here and Handouts here.

  • One key takeaway? Mentorship is an ongoing journey, not a one-time event.

We have uploaded the webinar series recordings and materials in the GCC Student Resource Center and encourage you to have a listen for the lessons.

Are there topics or themes you recommend for future webinars? Let us know via Look forward to seeing you in the Zoom Room!


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