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International Students...Data, Trends, and Opportunities

There are times – they are rare – while reading that you highlight nearly every sentence and circle each chart. Attempts to summarize are futile. This is one of those times.

We simply say: Read this. And this. Oh, one more…this.

Attached and linked below are three recent reports focused on international students:

  1. Fading Beacon provides an excellent overview of trends and motivations for international student mobility, concluding with a visual of dozens of smaller lights – rather than one lone beacon – attracting students from across the globe (Fischer & Aslanian, 2021)

  2. International Students in Science and Engineering takes a deep dive into the data around graduate level enrollments alongside the impacts on local innovation and national talent pools (National Foundation for American Policy, 2021)

  3. Career Pathways for International Students tackles a gap in the research about how international graduates of U.S. universities perform in the job market and along their career path (Esaki-Smith, 2021)

These reports mean a great deal to our team because our work with international students means a great deal to the Global Career Center. Our work connecting employability and education includes learners of all ages, reaches across borders, and incorporates a range of industry areas or academic majors.

Over half of the students on our programs are studying outside their home country, and many of our university partners have customized programs with GCC that have been created specifically for international students. And, of course, those university partners are across the globe…from Canada to Australia to Singapore, India, the U.K., and the U.S.

We hope you enjoy these recommended resources. As always, we welcome the opportunity to continue the conversation.


Esaki-Smith, A. (2021). Career Pathways for International Students. Washington, DC: American Council on Education.

Download PDF • 3.06MB

Fischer, K., & Aslanian, S. (2021, August 3). Fading Beacon: The U.S. Many Never Regain its Dominance as a Destination for International Students. Here's why that Matters. Retrieved from APM Reports

The U.S. may never regain its dominance as a destination for international students
Download PDF • 2.59MB

National Foundation for American Policy. (2021). NFAP Policy Brief: International Students in Science and Engineering. Arlington, VA: National Foundation for American Policy.

Download PDF • 401KB


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