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Partnership and Program Spotlight: San Mateo County Community College District Part II

Editor’s Note: This is Part Two of a two-part series highlighting the SMCCD program. Part One was posted on the GCC blog in May 2021.

The GCC Blog highlights partnerships and programs to serve as inspiration for your campus and community. This serves as update for the San Mateo County Community College District Global Virtual Teams Internship Program which launched during 2021 and is anticipated to continue as an offering within the study abroad portfolio each semester and summer.

Over the course of a summer or semester, students work in multidisciplinary teams of four or five to deliver a consulting project for a global employer. Connecting with colleagues through technology across time zones allows students to demonstrate teamwork and draw upon individual initiative while working towards a shared goal.

The shared goal brings together individuals as part of a team matched to a global employer with a specific project. What are examples of projects? How have students benefited? Why have global employers hosted virtual teams participating in the internship program?

What are examples of projects? Global employer projects are real-world and relevant, drawing upon current needs and future goals. Examples include:

· Development and implementation of social media plan

· Surveys and analysis to refine elements of business strategy

· Research and recommendations for regional expansion

How have students benefited? Global Virtual Team Interns build upon personal goals and enhance professional development such as:

· Ability to balance commitments and manage time

· Greater success in job and school applications

· Exposure to international work environment and cross-cultural communications

Why do global employers host virtual teams? The motivations and benefits for global employers are varied and several specific examples follow:

· Fresh perspectives for marketing and social media team

· Specific skills to enhance research and recommendations

· Local knowledge for regional product or services launch

Across all stakeholders, the Global Virtual Teams Internship Program was cited as a particularly strong opportunity because of its flexibility, accessibility, and sustainability. We look forward to building upon the program and welcome the opportunity to discuss how it may be relevant to your campus, company, or community.


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